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TCA's Curling Pros

If you’re interested in learning to curl, start with a TCA Curling Pro!  These are people who understand the game and who can lead you through the “ins and outs” of the sport. They are located across the Greater Toronto Area, and each of them is very qualified to deliver customized curling instruction.

To book time with a TCA Curling Pro… below is our current list of qualified pros. Call them directly and arrange time with them at your convenience. Each of these pros can help you book ice at a TCA club that is convenient for you.  Each pro can also provide instruction to help you learn the game of curling.

Name Club Affiliation Contact Information
Sean Turriff Richmond Hill CC 905.717.5366 or
Janet Murphy Mississaugua G&CC 905.278.4857 x 269
Cindy Bishop Weston G&CC 647.990.2720
Delores McCallum Oakville Curling Club 905.844.6982
Darlene Arnold Oakville Curling Club 905.844.6982
Scott Foster Oakville Curling Club 905.844.6982








Please Note:

The TCA’s Curling Pros are not employees of the TCA.  They are generally either self-employed or employees of Toronto curling clubs who spend much of their time teaching people to curl.  The TCA generally stands behind these individuals as competent instructors.  They are listed here because we know and trust them! The TCA receives no compensation from these individuals.

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