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About Us

The Toronto Curling Association (TCA) is a volunteer organization dedicated to building the health of the sport of curling in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for our generation and the next. Our Mission Statement is to ensure that curling clubs prosper and grow across the GTA.

There are 24 curling facilities in and around Toronto that are members of the TCA. A Board of Directors runs the association and each member club is represented each year at the TCA’s annual general meeting by one or two member club reps.


What TCA Actually Does

  • TCA encourages and promotes inter-club communication
  • TCA organizes and operates:
    • Four curling leagues for kids in the GTA including:
      • The Competitive Goldline League
      • The InterClub Development League
      • An East-end division of Goldline and InterClub
      • A West-end division of Goldline and InterClub
    • An annual team-building clinic for kids, where kids who want to organize competitive teams for the following year get together for a day and network and practice together
    • Five major bonspiels
  • TCA does its best to provide direction to anyone who has questions about curling in the GTA
  • TCA, from time to time, will organize or support the operation of curling-related events:
    • Meetings (think AGMs or special meetings of TCA club reps to consider specific curling issues)
    • Tournaments (think Grand Slam of Curling events)
  • TCA raises funds and distributes or uses these as it sees fit in the promotion of curling in and around the GTA



The Toronto International Bonspiel Committee started the TCA in 1960. Original members were:

  1. The Boulevard Club
  2. Dixie Curling Club
  3. Royal Canadian Curling Club
  4. St. George’s Golf and Country Club
  5. Scarboro Golf and Country Club
  6. Tam-O-Shanter
  7. Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club
  8. Weston Golf and Country Club
  9. High Park Club
  10. The Granite Club

Since then, a number of additional clubs have become member clubs and a few of these original clubs have faded into history.


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