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TCA Logo & Style Guide

At the TCA we’re proud of what our organization stands for. For years the icon of the Toronto City Hall buildings has anchored our crest and been easily recognized in curling circles.

With the recent revamp of our web site we refreshed our logo and provide the following guidelines to help you achieve consistent usage in your event & sponsorship materials or volunteer work associated with the TCA.

Format Tips

Depending on your desired use, please use the appropriate formats:

  • EMF – Appropriate for use in MS Office (Word / Excel / Powerpoint), and certain Windows software
  • EPS – Use for professional printers / embroiderers (or whenever you’re printing)
  • AI – Source file, for professional use
  • PNG – For use on the web (avoid resizing, especially up-scaling)

In all cases, if you resize the logo, please do so proportionally width & height-wise.

Logo Formats

Logo-Final-On-White Logo-Final-On-Dark
For Use on Light Backgrounds For Use on Dark Backgrounds
Download Light Use Logo Pack (ZIP) Download Dark Use Logo Pack (ZIP)

Traditional Crest Format

TCA Crest Old-TCA-Logo-Crest
New Logo Crest Format Old Logo Crest Format
Download Crest Formats (ZIP) No Longer in Use

 Colour Scheme

#004B85 Blue (RGB: 0, 75, 133)
#072745 Dark Blue (RGB: 7, 39, 69)
#1175BB Light Blue (RGB: 17, 117, 187)
#7F9ED2 Accent Blue (RGB: 127, 158, 210)



The above logos are provided as a convenience for the use cases set forth herein. Editing or otherwise manipulating the logo from the provided forms is prohibited without our express written consent.

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