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CurlON is looking for Host Clubs for Upcoming Clinics - Apply to Host extended to July 31

New Promotion for Clubs! CurlON will host at least one ‘FREE’ Clinic Series in each of the Zones. If your club is a willing host please express your interest to Laurence before July 31.  

Extended Deadline July 31

This fall CurlON will be expanding its offerings from the Clinic Program in order to help clubs attract and retain members. As part of the program, interested clubs will host a TryCURLINGnow program (before October 25th). CurlON will supply a Clinic instructor who will help teach club volunteers to run the 4 hour clinic. CurlON will invest in social media targeted marketing, specific to your club, to attract new curlers to the clinic. Your club will host the clinic (with the help of CurlON) and then host a minimum six (6) week Learn to Curl program (a training session will be held after the clinic).

If your club is already running a TryCURLINGnow or an Adult Learn to Curl program we can tailor a CurlON paid social media marketing package that will support your efforts … Just ask us how.

Contact Laurence for more information.

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