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If you’ve come to the development section of our site, you’re likely interested in doing things in a new way or in doing things you haven’t done before!  We hope we can help! Before you begin… have a look at this fun, short video.

Learn to Curl

If you’ve never curled before but you’re interested in trying the sport, there are many curling facilities in and around Toronto to help you.  Each of these clubs is pleased to help new, interested people become involved with the sport.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is curling easy?

Sure, curling is easy!  Just like any sport you see on TV is easy. In fact, curling is played at various levels.

Curling is accessible – The truth is that curling is accessible to almost everyone.  From day one… you’ll certainly be able to play. It is played by men and it is played by women. It is played by young and old.  It is played by those who are confined to wheelchairs and it is played by individual who are blind and by individuals who are deaf. It is played by teachers. It is played by lawyers… and by police… and by fire fighters…and by gays and lesbians… and by church groups… and by… well, you get the picture.  Just about anyone can play.

It is an ice-sport – a game played on ice. So, there is the matter of it being slippery.


  1. Twenty minutes of basic instruction and you’ll be set to start.
  2. Two hours of basic instruction and you’ll be ready to play games.
  3. As soon as you’re ready to play games… you’re set to join curling leagues.

Curling is like shuffle-board  on ice… with 42 lb granite rocks… and teammates… and the ability to affect the path of the object you’re throwing.

Sliding a stone down curling ice is only a part of the puzzle. Then there’s sweeping and strategy. There’s team dynamics… where to be and when… and what you’re supposed to be doing.

Where can I try curling?

There are more than 26 member curling facilities in the Toronto and GTA area. For a full list and contact information for the curling facilities, click HERE.

Is it expensive?

Well… that depends on how you define expensive!

At its most inexpensive… Kids can generally join a curling club for about $100… and play about 20 games over the course of a season.  So it costs kids about $5 for two hours of fun.  Adults will generally join a club and pay annual dues of about $450 for the same 20-game season.  That works out to about $23/game… or $12 per playing hour.

BUT… there are all sorts of different types of clubs.  Curling is played at some of the fanciest clubs in Canada — the Donalda Club… the Granite Club… The Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club — where the cost of membership would be considered quite high by many members of the public.  Other clubs are much more pedestrian.  The Leaside Curling Club, Brampton Curling Club, The Whitby Curling Club and the Oakville Curling Club make the game very affordable for almost anyone.

Are there hidden costs?  Not really.  Budget $100 for equipment you need to play the game.  This includes a curling brush and soft-soled, warm shoes and clothes.

Is curling a game for kids?

Absolutely! Curling is a great way for kids to get active… and to stay active for the duration of their lives.  Many clubs have youth leagues or programs that accommodate kids within three youth categories:

  1. Little Rockers (usually age 7 to 12)
  2. U-15 (up to 15 yrs)
  3. U-18  (up to 18 yrs)
  4. U-21 (up to 21 yrs)

Many high schools have curling teams, too.

Is curling a year-round game?

Not in Canada due to the changing seasons and hot summers. A typically curling season starts in early October and goes until early April.

How long does a game take to play?

Bank on 2 hours.

Curling games in most clubs (i.e., not the highly competitive stuff) are comprised of 8 “ends”… and a single end takes about 15 minutes to play. The result is a fun, two hour game.

More high level play usually includes 10 ends… and so lasts 2 and a half hours.

I want to take a group of people out to curl.  Where do I start?

The TCA will help get you started with curling in and around the GTA!

  1. Send us an email ( and we will help direct you to the curling facility closest to where you would like to try curling.
  2. Quite often, these curling facilities have their own curling facilities, but we can also provide you with a list of TCA Curling Professionals in Toronto who you can reach out to.

What should I wear to curl?

Layers… and lots of them! Since it is an ice sport, the temperature on the ice is quite chilly, though often people find that they start getting much warmer once they start moving around. Do NOT wear jeans (trust us on this… it doesn’t stretch the way you need it to stretch).


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