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The Toronto Curling Association can help you get started on your curling journey! There are a number of curling facilities located across the GTA that offer programs for enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to learn how to curl.

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Curling is a fascinating sport that is played on ice and combines balance, skill, and strategy. It is a great sport for people of all ages and abilities, as well as a fun team building opportunity for organizations. Curling is regarded as a very social sport, with teams typically spending time together post game.

Players slide granite rocks (often referred to as stones) on a sheet of ice towards a target area. A game features two teams, each with four players, who take turns throwing a total of 16 rocks. Points are earned by having your team’s rocks closer to the centre of the target than your competition.  

An end is completed when all rocks have been thrown. A game usually consists of eight or ten ends. Each end usually takes approximately 15 minutes to play.

Rocks are turned clockwise or counterclockwise when released. Between the pebbled ice surface and friction caused when sweeping the rocks as they slide down the ice, the rocks path can be influenced.

Players can create a curved path, described as curl, by causing the stone to slowly rotate as it slides. “Sweeping a rock” decreases the friction, which makes the stone travel a straighter path (with less curl) and a longer distance.

A great deal of strategy and teamwork goes into choosing the ideal path and placement of a rock. 

Curling facilities across the GTA host competitions (known as bonspiels) which bring together curlers from a variety of facilities and help foster a spirit of community and comradery.

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Is Curling an official sport?

Yes, curling is an official sport. It is governed by a world federation,  as well as a number of national and provincial associations in Canada. Curling is an Olympic sport, with provincial, national and world competitions taking place each year.

Do I need special equipment to curl?

Curling shoes, a broom, and warm but flexible clothing are required. When learning to curl, many facilities allow players to wear clean running shoes and provide step-on sliders. Some players prefer to wear gloves and helmets for head protection. Note: Helmets or headgear are currently optional but recommended for new curlers.

Is curling a year-round sport?

Curling in Canada is generally considered a winter sport and typically runs from October to April each yearA number of facilities offer summer curling camps to help players and teams further develop their skills. For a complete listing of camps, please refer to Curling Canada’ssummer curling camps page

I am interested in learning how to curl? How do I get started?

The Toronto Curling Association can help you get started.  Many helpful resources are available on our website.  Choose from a variety of programs and facilities to find the program and location that best meets your needs. Want to talk to someone to get more information? No problem! Email us at and a member of our association will get back to you.

Are there any age restrictions for specific leagues?

Curling facilities offer a variety of leagues available for curlers of all ages:

o Little Rocks (7 12)
o Bantam (13 15)
o Junior (16 19)
o Adult (20 50)
o Seniors (50+ for women, 55+ for men)

How can I become a sponsor for a curling event?

The Toronto Curling Association runs a variety of events each season and welcomes a variety of sponsors to help make these events a success. Our current sponsors are featured on our website where we promote their goods and services. Interested in learning more? Please contact us(include link) to explore exciting partnership opportunities.

What is the role of the Toronto Curling Association?

The Toronto Curling Association or TCA is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting and growing the sport of curling in the GTA. We help connect participants with facilities and programs to help them start their curling journey. We also organize and run competitions for our member clubs, share helpful and timely updates, and forge partnerships with organizations that share our passion and enthusiasm.

TCA Mixed Championships

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TCA Junior Interclub Bonspiel

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Each participant will receive a Goldline T-shirt (adult sizing). Additional shirts can be ordered by contacting the bonspiel convenor. Fees will apply.

TCA Goldline Men’s Championships

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TCA Business Women’s Bonspiel Registration Form

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TCA Day Women’s Championship Registration Form

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