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Safe Curling Everyone

Happy New Year!

We’ve gathered some curling related safety tips to help you be safer and healthier this season. Not sure they will improve your shots, but at least you’ll be in the game instead of cheering from behind the glass!


Curling Canada has posted safety tips for Preventing injuries (Warms ups and Basic Skills training) and Reducing Risk (Limit activity to ability, follow rules, wear proper fitting shoes, grippers and clothing, reduce clutter and tripping hazards). Curling Canada also has more tips related to waivers, facilities, and youth curlers. The Curling Canada Safety link is below.

Curling Canada-curling/safety-first

CurlON has posted Health and Safety Guidance for Workers and Club Volunteers. This program is intended simply to assemble the information for curling clubs to be able to make sense of their responsibilities as directed by Ontario Ministry of Labour laws. The CurlON Health and Safety link is below.


A link to the Ophea Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines for curling is below. Ophea is an agency that works in partnership with school boards, public health, government, non-government organizations, and private sector organizations to develop groundbreaking programs and services that support healthy active schools and communities.

It is strongly recommended that all curlers take the time to identify potential dangers and ensure that they protect themselves adequately.  For more tips, check your local curling club website and search the internet for Curling Safety.  Curling Centers offer safety tips on their websites (e.g. Huntley Curling Club) and through Member broadcasts (e.g. Toronto Cricket & Skating Club).  Most Clubs have an Emergency protocol for falls on the ice.

Thank you to Cory Randall, Rob Maddock, Glenn Gabriel and the Huntley Curling Club for providing tips and advice.

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