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TCA Board Meeting - 24 Nov 2013

DATE: 24 November 2013

LOCATION: Mississaugua Golf & Country Club

ATTENDING: Hugh, Richard, George K, Paivi, Sindy, Grace


REGRETS: George C, Danielle, Jeanette, Jason, Michelle





a) Acceptance of previous minutes – George K moved, Paivi seconded




a) Paivi received a query about where non-curlers can go in Toronto during Sochi Olympics to watch live curling; George K to ask Chad McMullan if he’s heard if anything like that is going on; George K suggested TCA could promote to media where interested people can go (e.g. TCA Mixed)


b) Richard wondered if TCA should actively seek new blood for our club reps




a) Sindy moved to write off Humber’s men’s entry – Hugh seconded


b) Interac: 80 our of 82 transactions to date have taken place via Interac


c) PayPal might have a 1.9% “charity fee” (versus 2.9% we currently pay)


d) Clarification: TCA is non-profit, not a charity


e) Grace will get cheques to Paivi, who will forward to Sindy


f) Cheque number notation for the Minutes: 558-574


g) Richard proposed TCA increase future bonspiel entry fees, to increase our reserve fund and plan for the future, suggesting 1) sponsorship is not the only way to raise revenue levels

2) the number of bonspiels and bonspiel entries will not drop;

Paivi to circulate a doc showing TCA policy dictates events to be revenue-neutral, meaning an amendment would be necessary; Grace mentioned the Men’s bonspiel is very interested in future growth (i.e. looking to embrace change); Paivi recalled the Business Women’s event attempted growth in the past, jumping from 24 to 32 teams but that lasted only one year; comments followed that event Senior sections are filling up first, and older participants aren’t inviting younger folks.




a) T&D Ladies: A task force is being created to analyze survey results; the event’s “Heyday” saw 128 participating teams compared to 48 today


b) Championship banner debate ensued; it was a lengthy discussion and Minute notes cannot discern any definitive action items


c) Verbal report on women’s events and feedback; Junior events


d) Men’s: Update on innovations; entries to date (100); individual signups; TCA logos are in the ice at host club (Dixie)




a) All four are operating at 10 clubs across GTA; all ice previously required is in hand; Dixie has 10 teams competing, obviously theirs is a template for participatory success




a) George K and Paivi both confessed to poor communication initiatives with their clubs


b) Sindy has reached out three times with no reply


c) Grace connected with Cricket; has not reached Leaside


d) Richard was to visit Tam heather and Annandale in the next week, has been emailing with Annandale


e) Hugh is working actively with Dixie and Oakville




a) Wes needs to archive all Primus email records; Wes to consider that registration is not required in order to post bonspiels;


b) Email address for web updates is <>; Hugh to use <>; Sindy to use <>


c) Sindy to explore remote access issues for a payment situation


d) Hugh to send Grace access info for Google Docs




a) With meeting time running short, Sindy moved that “Development” should be higher (earlier) on the agenda for the next meeting – seconded by Richard


b) Paivi further moved that Board Members must send/post any reports, such as their Activities From Clubs updates, at least 48 hours in advance of each meeting – seconded by Richard


c) Grace also offered to send/post any Bonspiel reports or updates at least 48 hours in advance of meetings


d) Lottery discussion: Paivi believes the last lottery pricing model was $10.00 per ticket/three for $20.00 and roughly speaking, $14,000 used to be raised i.e. $6,000 disbursed; Paivi to forward 2010 TCA Lottery spreadsheet to Hugh


e) Hugh suggested TCA needs $300,000 to effectively run the organization, and the BOD needs to put collective heads together; TCA needs to run like a business rather than rely solely on volunteer time, and TCA needs a full-time employee to do that


f) Sponsorship discussions ensued; George K to head a task force with Richard and Grace to start projecting values of new sponsorship models per event – pricing, ROI (Return on Investment) etc. and once a draft is underway, George C will be brought in to the group; Paivi to send old TCA sponsorship decks (rate card proposals) to George K




a) 2014 is TCA’s 50th year of operations, with October 2014 the actual “birth” month – as such, a suggestion was made that the upcoming AGM be moved from September to October; Wes to further modify “new” TCA logo (that is on our website) to reflect 50th anniversary




a) Moved by Sindy – seconded by Grace

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