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TCA Board Meeting - 30 March 2014 (not yet approved)

DATE: 30 March 2014

LOCATION: Donalda Club

ATTENDING: Hugh, Richard, George C, George K, Danielle, Paivi, Sindy, Grace, Cory, Jeanette, Michelle




Acceptance of previous minutes – George C moved, Richard seconded – CARRIED


Discussion regarding OCA special meeting held earlier today at Annandale GC:

a) Hugh working with HACA and OVCA regarding next OCA special meeting on April 27; Hugh to draft an official TCA statement on the situation for distribution to our membership via email and TCA website

b) George C reported OCA made a pledge to make today’s OCA meeting minutes available for public (via website) “in plenty of time before April 27 meeting”; George C urged TCA BOD to attend


a) Discussion regarding TCA Youth Leagues; Dave Rooney (Dixie) will champion the Leagues next season

b) Hugh met with Goldline owner Doug Flowers and confirmed Goldline’s return as title sponsor of the 2015 TCA Men’s Bonspiel

c) Brief discussion regarding Dr. Saw approach to TCA. It was identified that prior to establishing a relationship with Dr. Saw, TCA should confer with suppliers with whom TCA clubs have strong existing relations


a) TCA assisted Own The Podium with a live demonstration during Air Canada Centre news conference in mid-December

b) TCA assisted with live outdoor demonstration on Family Day weekend at Nathan Phillips Square; 200 children featured

c) Hugh suggested TCA approach the City of Toronto with a proposal to install curling house rings at each city rink; suggested a partner (such as Jet Ice) might supply the rings and the city would incorporate into annual installation at no cost to them, thus providing for curling clinics, demos, news conferences and rentals


Discussion regarding CCA Summit August 25-27 in Niagara Falls; Hugh made a motion that any TCA board member wishing to attend would have his/her expenses covered – Hugh moved, Richard seconded – CARRIED


a) Sindy reported on current account status

b) Sindy confirmed TCA signing authority of Hugh, Sindy and George C (replacing Paivi)

c) Sindy estimates $4,000 net gain (approximate) by year-end


a) Hugh made a motion that TCA change its new logo to incorporate 50th anniversary season (2014-15) for the duration of said season – Hugh moved, Danielle seconded – CARRIED

b) Jeanette to plan TCA 50th “Birthday Party” for October 2014 and will recruit committee help from the board; list of invitees to include all former TCA Presidents, Board Members and Outstanding Contribution Award winners; possibility of inviting former TCA Bonspiel champions to be considered – perhaps multiple title winners?


a) Discussion regarding Executive Director concept first mentioned at previous meeting – feedback highlights:

• Paivi believes some clubs do not understand TCA’s purpose/mandate and would refuse to pay higher fees without solid justfication

• Danielle believes clubs need to fully understand justification ie. overriding problems facing GTA curling facilities in the longer term; this understanding would be critical to a successful migration of the TCA model to one where an ED would be supported

• Richard believes a full-time ED is essential, cites this as the best way to address the problem, agrees finances are a challenge; suggested a creative financing solution be sought where the ED might be half-salary with the remainder attainable through percentage of sponsorship sales

• George C believes the recent OCA situation illustrates that the problem is acute and that a full-time ED is essential; value proposition is needed for TCA clubs to understand the problem; other key for TCA is increased sponsorship

b) George C to head a committee to work on the future TCA model, will recruit committee help from the board


a) Brief discussion regarding ongoing BOD outreach efforts to club membership

b) Discussion regarding TCA BOD meeting minutes; they need to be compiled and distributed faster; minutes should also be emailed to TCA club reps and posted to TCA website

c) Discussion regarding bonspiel entry information retention; Goldline is currently directly involved in collecting Men’s Bonspiel entry information. It was identified that this presents a conflict and that the TCA and its bonspiel committees should be managing the collection and storage of contact information for event entrants; some TCA bonspiel committees are erroneously citing privacy concerns to TCA regarding the collection and storage of entrant information

d) Further to bonspiel entry information gathering and retention, Jeanette advised that new federal regulations regarding the collection, storage and usage of personal information by registered charities and not-for-profit organizations take effect on July 1, 2014 and thus require TCA compliance. This is determined to be a problem given that TCA bonspiel entry and contact information is currently “siloed” by various TCA bonspiel committees plus Goldline

Not-for-profit organizations such as TCA must ensure compliance as non-compliance may lead to significant consequences and penalties, including: (i) the imposition of major monetary penalties; (ii) corporate officers and directors being held personally liable for corporate violations; (iii) vicarious liability arising for violations committed by employees or agents; (iv) a private right of action (including the possibility of a class-action lawsuit) against an organization and the individuals who work or volunteer for the organization; and (v) reputational risks


a) Discussion regarding Joe Corrado approach to George C

b) Discussion regarding Travelers renewal; Hugh to approach

c) Discussion regarding interest from one of Hugh’s clients

d) Discussion regarding committee (George K and Richard with input from George C); George K to send previous TCA sponsorship materials to Richard and George C with a copy to Hugh


Nine nominations received to date; April 20 suggested for close of nominations; BOD to come to next meeting prepared for decision


Following Grace’s Bonspiel Report submission, discussion ensued regarding a TCA Circuit proposal (a) and TCA Novice Bonspiel proposal (b):

a) Circuit proposal similar to former Melitta event concept; well-received by the board; Grace made a motion that the board commit to $5,000 in funding for 2014-15 season in lieu of sponsorship, but that the TCA should actively seek sponsorship for this initiative – Grace moved, George C seconded – CARRIED

b) Novice Bonspiel proposal also well-received with Richard confirming his agreement and availability, Richard suggested some “way cooler” friends might also participate; several board members suggested taking the next whil to properly design the new bonspiel and then launch for the 2015-16 season; Grace made a motion that the board approve the event concept – Grace moved, George C seconded – CARRIED


a) Hugh outlined concept of curling “professionals” (instructors) who would teach a TCA curling “crash course” – a suggested fee of $300 (maximum eight people) would cover a two-hour on-ice session plus a post-session beverage; those identified as pros would be able to contact TCA club managers. Questions and comments:

• Fee percentages for pro, for TCA (if any) and for club (ice rental) need to be identified

• Insurance liability; Hugh to follow up

• Price should be equal across all TCA clubs; some clubs charge additional fees for sliders, tape, brushes etc.


Hugh confirmed Weston is hosting the 2015 Canadian Mixed Championship; host committee contact is willing to make this a TCA-wide event, not just a Weston event; Hugh to maintain contact moving forward


Paivi moved, Danielle seconded – CARRIED

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