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1. The Canadian Curling Association rules shall apply except as provided       herein.

2. Teams shall be composed of four players and the members of the team do not have to belong to the same club.

3. Each player shall be 19 years of age or older as of December 31st of the year prior to the bonspiel.

4. Sunday games are win/loss. The losing team may concede the game at any time. 

5. For Saturday games, ties will be broken with a draw to the button. Any team member can be designated to throw one rock. Each team may sweep their own rock. Vices measure their own rock. Draw result will only determine win/loss.

For games played on Sunday ties will be broken by playing a full extra end towards the glass.   

6. A team, unable to commence play at the designated time will be penalized. For each 15 minute delay, the non-offending team receives one point which represents one end played. The non-offending team will have last rock advantage in the first end of actual play.  If play is not started after 30 minutes, then the non-offending team is declared winner by forfeit.

7. The draw master and bonspiel chairperson may delay the start of any game(s) for just and impartial reasons.

8. Games are to be played in the time allotted in the program. Slow playing teams will be cautioned by the drawmaster.

9. Vices will do any necessary measuring.

10. The winner of the coin toss shall have choice of last rock or handle colour.

11. The draw master shall be notified of any spares.  Spares cannot play above the position of the missing player.  Spares may only play for one team during the course of the bonspiel.

12. If a player becomes ill or is injured during a game, a team may continue to play with three players for that game only without penalty.

13. A team who arrives on the Saturday of the bonspiel with only three players will be allowed to play only one game with three players without penalty.

14. If a fourth player arrives before the completion of the fourth end, she will be allowed to enter the game. If the fourth player enters the game after the completion of the fourth end, then the game is considered to have been played with three players.

15. If a team starts a second game on the Saturday with three players, then the penalty is the loss of two points on the scoreboard and one end played. The offending team throws first rock.  The team will throw 3- 3- 2.

16. All games on the Sunday must be started and played with four players.

17. Entry fee will not be returned if less than 48-hour phone notice of withdrawal.

Revised September 2019     

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