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2019-2020 SEASON

Finals Day on March 28 has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak


  • Entry Fee is $50 per player or $200 for team of four
  • Note: Teams of more than four can be entered.  For each additional player entered the fee is another $50.  Example:  A team of five would be $250 and so on.
  • All team entries to be entered online ( under Youth Leagues Tab) by Monday, October 28th.  It is acceptable to enter temporary names if you don’t have all names finalized.
  • New this year is the Ontario Concussion Awareness Law (“Rowan’s Law”).  Each athlete (and their parents if they are under 18), coach, trainer, and official must review Ontario’s Concussion Awareness Resources and Concussion Code of Conduct before they step on the ice.  A link to the form and more resources are available on the Interclub front page.
  • Teams should send in their team name along with their entry.  Example: Dixie Ice Hawks. Names will be reviewed for appropriateness.
  • 100% of the entry fees will be spent on the Interclub curlers in the form of after game snacks and all finals day costs, including trophies, prizes for all participating curlers, pizza etc.
  • Note: Prizes for finals day will be per player so number of prizes for any team will fluctuate based on number of paid players on team.
  • The TCA Youth League operates on a volunteer basis and the clubs that comprise the TCA generously donate their ice to facilitate the operation of the league. Teams representing clubs from across the Toronto area are expected to communicate with their club and request that the league have access to at least one draw during the season as way of club sponsoring their team.

Team Composition:

  • All team members must be registered members of same club (same as CurlON requirements)
  • Age – Players cannot be older than 18 by the 30th of the June prior to start of the season as per current CurlON U18 rules (June 30, 2019 for the 2019-2020 season).
  • There are no gender restrictions – teams can be comprised of all male, all female or any mixture.


  • For regular season games, spares SHOULD be from the same club as the team whenever possible. Flexibility is allowed where needed for last minute player cancellations.
  • For finals day, spares MUST be from the same club as the team. Regular team members (on registered team list and played at least five regular season games), must throw skip and vice stones and skip the game on finals day.
  • A team can play with three players, but teams are encouraged to field a complete team.


  • Many teams in Interclub have 5 players. In order to make the league as flexible as possible for the players and coaches, unlimited substituting is allowed during a game to share time amongst the 5 players.
  • Positions of players may be changed when a player is substituted.


  • There will be approx. 10 games during season plus finals day.
  • Games are scheduled to be eight ends and to be played in two hours.
  • If the ice is being used following the game, then no end is to start later than 15 minutes prior to scheduled conclusion of the game.
  • If the ice is not being used following the game, then no end is to start later than 15 minutes after scheduled conclusion of the game.
  • For purposes of timing, an end is considered finished and the next end started when the final rock of an end comes to rest
  • Teams are encouraged to be at the curling venue in ample time to get changed, have off ice warm-up and be ready to go on ice five minutes before scheduled game time
  • For opening day, please arrive 30 minutes early for announcements and rules review
  • Warm-up slides are encouraged, but no practice rocks are to be thrown before games
  • If a team is late in arriving, the non-offending team is awarded one point and the first end ten minutes after the designated start time of the game.  The non-offending team is awarded an additional point and end for each additional 15 minutes the opposition is late.  The non- offending team maintains last rock when the game is finally started.  Forty-five (45) minutes after the designated start time, the game is considered a default.
  • Re-Schedules:  Considering the flexibility in getting spares and that the schedule is available before the season commences, all attempts should be made to play games on the scheduled day/time. From experience, it is much easier to get 2 or 3 spares for a game than cancelling booked ice, finding new ice and re-scheduling eight players to a day and time that works for everyone.
  • Where a re-scheduled game is necessary, teams should make their own arrangements for ice time between the teams playing.  The onus is on the team initiating the re-schedule to be accommodating on location and date/time.
  • Note that games can only be re-scheduled two weeks or more before scheduled game dates, unless there are unforeseen circumstances.  This is only fair to the clubs donating the ice, so they will have time to put the ice to other use.  The team cancelling within this window will be considered to have defaulted the game (unless, as above, there are exceptional circumstances).
  • When two teams from the same club are scheduled to play each other, they are to do so at the scheduled club.  An important part of Interclub is to have kids experience ice conditions at other clubs.  Also, it would be bad form for teams not to show up and use ice that was reserved and donated for their use by other clubs.  This could potentially affect the ability to obtain ice in the future.
  • Weather: If games are not officially cancelled by league organizer due to weather, coaches can still choose to re-schedule their games for driving concerns by contacting opposing team early enough to prevent them from attending and copy the league organizers. If the opposing team is not reached and they attend at the game site, they will be awarded a win by default.

Scoring and Rankings:

  • The following points will be awarded for each game played:
Win 5 pts Tie 3 pts
Loss 1 pt Default 0 pts
  • For regional rankings, any ties at season end will be broken by the following in order:
  • Head to Head Games * Note if three or more teams tie, this is only used if one team beats all other teams that are tied or if one team loses to all teams tied with. All other combinations move to 2 or 3 or 4 below.
  • Number of Wins
  • Number of ends won
  • Draw to button or coin flip
  • If game ends in a tie when time expires that is fine and tie does not need to be broken
  • Only the first six ends count toward determining season rankings if a tie breaker is needed between teams. Seventh/Eighth end are played just for win or loss.
  • All ends not played due to time deadline do not count for either team
  • If a default win, the winning team will be awarded 5 pts for a win and four ends
  • It is highly encouraged that all games go at least six ends. However, a game may be conceded at any time and all ends (to end 6) not played will be awarded to winning team.
  • Why play at least six ends?
  • Ends taken (first six) will count towards year end ranking tie breakers (score does not matter).
  • The goal of the league is to get playing experience for the teams, so maximize the opportunity.
  • Updated league standings will be available on the TCA website.  Both coaches are responsible for emailing in scores to the designated scoring convener. If no scores are sent in, then both teams are awarded 0 pts.

Finals Day

  • If there are more than 24 teams there will be two finals days.
  • Finals Day 1 – Will be the top 24 teams from the regular season (top 12 in the East and top 12 in the West)
  • Finals Day 2 – Will be the balance of teams
  • A team that cannot make a finals day may possibly be accommodated on the other Finals Day date.  Each team will be looked at on a case by case basis.
  • Both Finals Days will be two games with pizza at break.
  • Teams will play in an event with three other teams of similar seasons rankings.
  • The top four teams from regular season will play in the A event for the Championship trophy.
  • If there are three divisions (not simply East & West divisions), the top four teams will be the top team from each division, plus the best 2nd place record amongst all divisions.
  • For a tie game in the A event final, if the ice is not used after a game, the tie is broken by a full end.  If still no winner, then draw button.  If ice is used after game, then go straight to draw button.  For all other games, draw the button to break ties.

*Sweepers Allowed                       * Can sweep opponents rock after T

*Anyone can throw                        * Whomever won last end throws 1st

Timeouts (Regular Season and Finals Day):

  • There are two one minute timeouts allowed for each team during a game. Please notify the other coach when going out and try to keep timeout as short as possible to maximize playing time for players. Timeouts should not exceed one minute.
  • Timeouts need to be signaled by a player on the ice, but the coach can indicate to the team that they would like a timeout.  It is very important that the coach, or anyone else, not bang on the glass, yell; go out to the ice etc. to request a timeout, as this disturbs both other teams playing and spectators.
  • If a coach signals for a timeout, and the players see the coach and do not signal for timeout, but, change their call, that team will be charged with a timeout as if one was taken.
  • If the end could potentially be the last end of the game due to the time clock, any timeout taken will extend the game end time by 2 minutes. (Eliminates situation where team calling a timeout causes the game to end in that end by doing so).
  • No fourth end break.


  • To help promote sportsmanship/curling tradition, teams are expected to sit with their opponents after the games.
  • Snacks after games are chips or something of that nature and will always be supplied to the curlers free of charge at each table.
  • If club can absorb the snacks cost, then that will help to keep the league costs minimized. If not, then the clubs can send bill to TCA to cover munchies cost for games hosted at their club and they will be re-imbursed.
  • Drinks after games are pop, juice, hot chocolate etc… Many clubs supply the drinks for free. If not supplied for free, the curlers will purchase their own drinks if they desire one. Curlers are not required to purchase for their opposition. Clubs are not to bill TCA for drinks.

Other notes:

  • Appropriate dress is recommended for all clubs and is enforced at selected clubs. A list of club rules will be provided to everyone before the season and will be posted on the TCA site.
  • All spectators, in addition to coaches and parents are expected to refrain from any form of coaching from behind the glass. Potential default for flagrant or repeated violations of this rule.
  • Sportsmanship in curling is one of the important aspects the young curlers will learn from this league. The hope is that all coaches and parents will act in a way to set a good example for the curlers in this regard.
  • TCA Interclub league teams are essentially sponsored by their respective clubs. We ask that all teams respect this and that they thank the many clubs that are good enough to donate their ice so that this league can operate.
  • Regarding brooms, since Interclub is only an introductory competitive league, we will not be requiring players to use the WCF approved brush pads/fabric for their brooms. However, we will follow other related rules such that no hair brooms to be allowed, player must only use one broom during the game and inserts must be taken out of the Hardline brooms and fabric inverted on those like prior years (unless have the Hardline Tour Elite covers which are fine as they are).
  • Five Rock Rule is in place.

Updated October 2019

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