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Try Curling

Where can I try curling in Toronto and the GTA?

All of our member curling facilities offer ice rentals! Please contact them directly for availability and cost. A list of the curling facilities and their contact information can be found on this page on our website.

We also suggest using our handy map to see which curling facility would be most convenient for you and your group!

CurlON has a program listing Clubs in Ontario that offer “Try Curling Now”

Can I bring a group curling?

Absolutely! Please contact the curling facility closest to you for more information on dates and pricing.

Can I bring my coworkers out for a team building fun day?

YES! Curling is the new golf in the business world. Bringing your office team out for an afternoon of curling is a great way to encourage team bonding, teamwork, fun and relaxation, all while learning a new skill!

Contact the curling facility closest to you for more information on availability and pricing.

Is curling a good sport for my family to try?

As far as we’re concerned, curling is the BEST sport for a family to enjoy together! We generally recommend ages 7+, though it can vary from facility to facility.

What should we wear curling?

Since curling is a sport played on ice, we recommend dressing in warm, breathable, stretchy clothing (no jeans!) Since you also can work up a sweat while moving around the ice (sweeping can be a great workout!), we also recommend dressing in layers that you can remove/put back on as needed.

Don’t own a pair of curling shoes? No problem! Bring a clean pair of running shoes with you to the curling facility to change into before you go on the ice.

Do we need to bring any equipment with us curling?

Short answer, nope! Curling facilities provide the rocks, brooms and sliders needed to try curling. All you have to bring is the correct clothing (see answer above) and your enthusiasm to try a new sport!

What else do I need to know about curling?

We recommend checking out Curling Canada’s helpful guide to curling basics, which includes a link to a short, fun video.

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