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Want your Spiel Entry Fee Waived?

The StuSells Supports Foundation is new… and we expect it to catch on fast!

Stu Sankey is on of Toronto’s top real estate agents and a huge proponent of curling. He sponsors two major cashspiels at TCA member clubs (Oakville and High Park) and is himself a member of the High Park Curling Club.

In a creative new initiative, Stu has teamed with Goldline, CurlingZone and the TCA to create The StuSells Supports Foundation – an organization that raises funds that will be disbursed to help more curling teams advance their causes!

“I get asked for sponsorship almost every day,” Stu explained. “And with so many truly worthy teams, it’s really difficult to have to say no!”  So, what he did was establish The Foundation in cooperation with Goldline and CurlingZone.  “We raise funds and contribute the money to The Foundation and we invite teams to apply for entry fee relief.  We’re happy to pay a team’s way into a bonspiel if they are doing their best to hone their skills and develop as athletes… and if The Foundation has the funds, of course.”

If you have a curling team that wants to participate in a curling event… but you’re feeling a financial pinch… apply to The StuSells Supports Foundation for entry fee relief!  The Foundation will consider applications and will provide entry fee relief by paying the entry fees for teams that are in need.

For information, contact Stu himself at

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