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We want to hear YOUR curling stories

Interview MicSince the Toronto Curling Association (TCA) was formed in 1960, and every year since, the association has been keeping Toronto curlers connected with club news and curling events.

This season, the TCA wants to take our website’s news section to the next level… but we need your help!

The TCA will be looking out for story ideas from curlers of all ages, experience levels and GTA clubs. Story ideas can range from how you accomplished a unique 8-ender, curling celebrities visiting your club, your first experience at one of Toronto’s outdoor curling rinks, exceptional examples of curler sportsmanship, your unique curling event, bonspiel anniversaries, record club membership numbers, and just about anything else you think Toronto’s curling community should know about.

Select stories will then be featured on our website.

So, what’re you waiting for? Send your story ideas to so one of our resident reporters can write about your GTA curling news.

If you have any minor events or news to share, be sure to tag us on social media at @torontocurling so we can spread the news via social too!

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